Monday, June 7, 2010

Extra Kids!

With John's hospital stay and work being so tough, I needed a way to earn some money so I looked for some kids that wanted to come hang out with us ;)
I have two extra girls and 3 extra boys on different days of the week and I absolutely love it! They all have their own special personalities and they are teaching Jak so many things. It really is a lot of fun and I don't want to change it for anything!

John's Hospital Stay

John had to have emergency surgery on his colon. He spent two weeks in the hospital with about a month of recovery after that. He is doing great now although we have to do it all over again in a couple months to do a reversal on the colostomy bag he has. We all went through a lot but it turned out okay and we are just getting back to "normal"

Jak Turns 2

Jakoda turned two this year and while I may have went a little overboard I think the party turned out awesome and everyone had a good time despite the rain! The party was farm themed because Jak LOVES animals. I made an open book cake with a barn and farm animals coming out of it. We had a blow up jumparoo that was a horse, there was hay bales for everyone to sit on and there were real baby chicks for everyone to hold and cuddle with! We had big ol' fashioned barbeque with all the fixins. The birthday boy even had his cowboy boots on!

January, February, March

So since I skipped like 6 months of blogging, I will do a quick catch up! January was my 25th birthday. We went to the mountains to play in the snow a few times and basically just been busy with kids and dealing with all of life's moments, good and bad! Jakoda is talking and learning more. He is so sweet and such smarty pants!

Christmas Pictures

So I was looking around online at Christmas time and found this website for a guy that dresses up like Santa and will set a time to come over and sit with kids and have pics taken and all you have to do is donate food for them to give to the food drive. I thought it was pretty cool so I set a time on Christmas Eve and had them go to my parents house and had all the grand kids there for Santa to say hi to and he even had a helper who gave each child a wrapped gift! Really awesome!! Jak wasn't too sure what to think but he loved the toy he got and it was interesting experience!!

He loved his awesome drums!!

Cutie Pie!!

Christmas 2009

Christmas, while not being over done at our house, was an absolute blast. The kids had a great time and Jakoda loved all of his toys. The older kids, Jaylee and Jordan, had the choice to for-fit a gift to a family in need. We found a single mother with 2 children, a boy and a girl, their ages and they picked something out for them while John and I picked a bunch of stuff out to make a basket for the mother, we included things to help them out like grocery gift cards and such. We went to their house at night time and hid in the car while Jaylee and Jordan put the items at their front door, knocked and ran! They still talk about the experience and ask to do it again this year! Love them!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jak's First Haircut

So, my mom and my sister decided that Jak's mullet was getting to be too much so we had to give him a little boy haircut....of course the only way he would allow it was if his hands were full of candy corn!!